Modern Tech - Level 1
Our main floor gallery lets you get up close with current computing technology, from robotics to augmented reality and more.
Once the realm of science fiction, robots are increasingly part of our lives.
Explore the world of robotics—discover how robots do our work, connect us to distant reaches, and soon might serve as companions in our homes.

Augmented Reality
Experience the exciting world of augmented reality, and see how the decades-long quest to use computer imagery to alter our perception is taking shape today.

Artificial Intelligence
Investigate the world of computer vision and machine learning with the Deep Visualization Toolbox.

Big Data
Big data describes the tools to make sense of our ever-growing digital footprint. Understand how big data can yield insights into our world.

Self-Driving Cars
Take a test-drive in the self-driving car simulator and see for yourself how autonomous vehicles may transform our urban centers and make transportation networks more efficient.

Digital Studio
Immerse yourself in the world of digital art.