User Documentation
Tops-10 v7.04 (DECSYSTEM-2065) 

Getting Started with DECsystem-10 (2.1 MB)
Tops-10 Operating System Commands Manual (14.7 MB)
Tops-10 User Utilities Manual (2.4 MB)
DECsystem-10, DECSYSTEM-20 Processor Reference Manual (27.9 MB)
Tops-10 Monitor Calls Manual, Vol. 1 (15.6 MB)
Tops-10 Monitor Calls Manual, Vol. 2 (23.7 MB)
Macro Assembler Reference Manual (5.9 MB)
Tops-10 DDT (Debugger) Manual (4.7 MB)
Introduction to TECO (Text Editor and Corrector) (1.4 MB)
Text Editor and Corrector Program, Programmer's Reference Manual (4.9 MB)
Tops-10 SOS Reference Manual (Editor) (10.1 MB)
BASIC Conversational Language Manual (5.3 MB)
APLSF Language Manual (69.1 MB)
Tops-10/TOPS-20 FORTRAN Language Manual (22.4 MB)
BLISS-36 User's Guide (10.3 MB)
Tops-10/TOPS-20 COBOL-68 Language Manual (17.5 MB)
Tops-10/TOPS-20 COBOL-74 Language Manual (20.6 MB)
Getting Started with Batch (Tops-10) (3.4 MB)
Tops-10/TOPS-20 Batch Reference Manual (7.5 MB)

TOPS-20 v7.1 (XKL Toad-2) 

TOPS-20 User's Guide (27.5 MB)
TOPS-20 Commands Reference Manual (18.8 MB)
TOPS-20 User Utilities Guide (23.1 MB)
TOAD-1 System Architecture Reference Manual (2 MB)
TOPS-20 Macro Assembler Reference Manual (6.3 MB)
TOPS-20 Monitor Calls User's Guide (22.4 MB)
TOPS-20 Monitor Calls Reference Manual (1.67 MB)
TOPS-20 Monitor Calls Quick Reference Guide (7.9 MB)
TOPS-20 DDT (Debugger) Manual (4.9 MB)
TOPS-20 LINK Reference Manual (25.5 MB)
TOPS-20 BASIC-PLUS-2 Language Manual (12.9 MB)
FORTRAN Language Manual (18.9 MB)

OpenVMS 7.3 (VAX-11/785) 

OpenVMS User's Manual (1.7 MB)
DCL Dictionary Vol. 1 (A-M) (1.2 MB)
DCL Dictionary Vol. 2 (N-Z) (1.2 MB)
Guide to OpenVMS File Applications (981 KB)
Standard TECO (Text Editor and Corrector) for the VAX, PDP-11, PDP-10, and PDP-8 (679 KB)
Guide to the DEC Text Processing Utility (425 KB)
DEC Text Processing Utility Reference Manual (1.2 MB)
Extensible Versatile Editor Reference Manual (657 KB)
OpenVMS Programming Concepts Manual, Vol. 1 (1.5 MB)
OpenVMS Programming Concepts Manual, Vol. 2 (1.4 MB)
VAX MACRO and Instruction Set Reference Manual (1.1 MB)
OpenVMS Debugger Manual (3.2 MB)
OpenVMS Linker Utility Manual (742 KB)
OpenVMS I/O User’s Reference Manual (1.2 MB)
OpenVMS MACRO-32 Porting and User’s Guide (421 KB)
OpenVMS Record Management Services Reference Manual (1.1 MB)
OpenVMS Record Management Utilities Reference Manual (318 KB)
OpenVMS System Services Reference Manual, Vol. 1 (1.5 MB)
OpenVMS System Services Reference Manual, Vol. 2 (1.2 MB)

VM/SP Rel5 (IBM 4361)

VM/SP Introduction.pdf (4.2 MB)
CMS Users Guide.pdf (26.2 MB)
Operating Systems in a Virtual Machine.pdf (8.1 MB)
VM/SP CMS Command Reference.pdf (41.8 MB)
VM/SP Commands General User.pdf (0.9 MB)
VM/SP CP Command Reference for General Users.pdf (12.5 MB)
VM/SP Command and Macro Reference.pdf (22.1 MB)
More documentation soon...

Unix v7 (PDP-11/70) 

UNIX Programmer's Manual (7th Edition, Vol. 2, 1983) (32.5 MB)

CP-V (Sigma 9)

Time-Sharing User's Guide (5.7 MB)
Time-Sharing Reference Manual (16.4 MB)
System Architecture Reference Manual (18.9 MB)
Meta-Symbol Assembler Language and Operations Reference (6.7 MB)
Xerox Assembly Program Reference (5.6 MB)
Batch Processing/System Calls Reference (21.5 MB)
BASIC Language and Operations Reference Manual (4.3 MB)
FORTRAN IV-H Language Reference Manual (3.4 MB)
FORTRAN IV Library Technical Manual (2.5 MB)
COBOL Language Reference Manual (7.5 MB)
COBOL Operations Reference Manual (3.9 MB)
APL Language and Operations Reference Manual (9.4 MB)


UNIX System V User's Guide Second Edition (19.5 MB)
UNIX System V User's Reference Manual (15.5 MB)

NOS (CDC 6500) 

CDC 6500 Survival Guide