Living Computers 1st Annual Hours of Code

Sun Dec 15, 2019
10:00 am - 6:00 pm

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From block-based to BASIC and beyond, we’ve packed the entire day with hours of computing fun with interactive tours, drop-in workshops, and more.  Plus, celebrate the launch of our new free Educator Membership with light snacks and special demos from LCM+L staff and our new 2020 spring training partners. Bring your friends, bring your family – and be part of Hour of CodeTM at Living Computers: Museum + Labs!


What is The Hour of CodeTM?

The Hour of CodeTM is a global awareness campaign launched by Seattle-based advocacy group,, to challenge students of all ages to try computer science through a one-hour coding challenge.  Taking place annually the first week fo December since 2013, it has become one of the largest learning events in history, engaging millions of children worldwide.

Schedule of Events

Choose your own adventure.  All activities are included with admission.  First come, first serve.

Drop in and help us build a Smart City for our army of Ozobots – fun little line-following robots that can be programmed screen-free! 
This hour of code is best for families with youth ages 4-11 years.

DIGITAL DJS  -  11a-12p
Try your hand at splicing and mixing your own digital audio tracks using the text-based programming language, Python.
This hour of code is best for visitors 12+ years with basic experience with command line or algebra. 

TYPE, SWIPE, CLICK!  -  11:15 - 11:45a
How do you talk to a machine?  From touchscreens to keyboards to punchcards, this exciting tour takes students on a journey through how our relationship with computers has changed. 
This tour is best for families with middle schoolers who love their smartphones.
BASIC PROGRAMMING ON THE APPLE IIE  -  11a-4p, starting every hour
Join our LCM+L engineers in the 80s classroom for a lesson on BASIC programming on our the Apple IIe.
This hour of code is best for retro-enthusiasts 12+ years with basic experience with command line and algebra.
Learn about our new free Educator Membership in an open house featuring activities from our friends at and SAM Labs. 
This meet-and-greet is best for Seattle teachers, parents, and students who want to bring Computer Science to their school.
Using MIT's popular free programming platform, Scratch, learn basic coding and use simple game theory as you recreate the arcade-game classic, Pac-Man.
This hour of code is best for game enthusiasts 8+ years
Get a comprehensive look through our one-of-a-kind collection of fully-operational vintage computers in all its whirring, beeping glory in this 30-minute tour with one of our stellar Tour Guides.  
This interactive tour is best for visitors 12+ years.
Join LCM+L principal restoration engineer, Bruce Sherry, and learn about how he became an engineer.
This conversation with Bruce Sherry is likely to interest visitors 10+ years
EPIC FAIL  -  3:15p
In this guided tour, explore how success - and failure - have played critical roles in the evolution of technology and cut-throat world of tech startups.
This tour is best suited for entrepreneurs 10 and up who love a good story
In this powerful documentary, Code explains why more girls and people of color are not seeking opportunities in computer science.
This documentary contains mild language and is best suited for visitors 13+ years
PAC-MAN BINGO  -  5-6p
There are hundreds of Pac-Man clones out there – all slightly different than the original.  How many can you find in our collection?
This self-guided scavenger hunt is best for competitive groups who love old arcade games.

Ticket Information:

All activities included with admission. First come, first serve. 

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