What happens when Ada’s family gets stranded next to a museum filled with mysterious technology? Join Ada as she goes on an adventure with playful robots, wise old computers, and makes a new best friend who teaches her how to program in computer language. But they better watch out, the museum’s grumpy robotic vacuum cleaner wants to put a stop to their fun!
Written by Matisse Fletcher. Illustrated by Elizabeth Dion.



Available for purchase in the Living Computers’ tech store. More retailers coming soon!


Matisse Fletcher is an avid purveyor of nerd and geek culture. She has written for the comic book industry, poetry anthologies, and short story anthologies. Ada and the Living Computers is her first children’s book.
Elizabeth Dion is a Seattle-based freelance conceptual designer and illustrator with a love for all things geeky. Her work ranges from digital to fine art mediums, showcasing a love for science fiction and fantasy genres.