In the Fall of 2018, Living Computers loaned a Thinking Machine Corporation CM-2 with recreated light panels to Wing Luke Museum for their Worlds Beyond Here: The Expanding Universe of APA Science Fiction exhibit. As a part of this collaboration, we worked directly with Tamiko Thiel, lead designer of the visual form of the CM-2, to create a unique item to celebration the design of this one-of-a-kind supercomputer. Produced by the renowned Tessitura Bottinelli in Italy, it is simply a work of art. 

The brain-child of Danny Hillis, Thinking Machines Corporation introduced the CM-2 (Connection Machine-2) in 1987. Its “massively-parallel processor” design could contain up to 65,536 processors, which together could perform more than 2.5 billion-instructions-per-second. Jeff Kaylin, Living Computers' Vintage Hardware Restoration Engineer, says that “the light panels are an approximation of the lights on the real machine. The pattern of lights is an 'artist’s conception.' The functions of the lights were to show activity of the processors – which means you basically want them all on all the time.” 

Price: $59.95 + tax 
Materials: 100% silk. 



Living Computers: Museum + Labs
2245 1st Ave. S
Seattle, WA 98134

Wing Luke Museum
719 S King St.
Seattle, WA 98104


Can't come to Seattle to purchase this scraf but still desperately want one? Email us at PRESS at LivingComputers.org to coordinate a PayPal payment and shipment to your location. DO NOT include payment information in your email.