From queries about group visits and memberships to requests about new workshops or donating old computers, we get a lot of questions at Living Computers. Before you send us an email, check out these Frequently Asked Questions below!
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+Q Do you have parking?
A LCM+L has free parking for up to 28 spots on the north side of the building, in front of the main entrance, plus two additional handicap accessible parking spaces.
+Q Do you offer museum tours or demos? And if so, at what time?
A We offer a robust slate of tours, demos, and public programs daily. Be sure to check out of the calendar at the ticketing desk on your next visit for offerings and schedules. 

11:15am Historical Tour (45 Min) 
Mainframes, Minis, and Micros! Take a journey over 20 years of computing history as told through unique collections at Living Computers.

1:15pm Vintage Technology Demonstration (20-30 Min) 
Take an in-depth look at an artifact from our world-class collection of working vintage computers and see how it works!

3:15pm Exhibit Spotlight Tour (20-30 Min) 
ver wonder what a 50 year old computer smells like? Learn the big history behind one artifact with a comprehensive look at one exhibit.
+Q Can I donate or contribute my computers, software, etc.? If so, where do I go?
A Yes, however, you must follow a specific procedure to do so. Due to constraints of space and labor, unsolicited donations are no longer accepted under any circumstances. Any item left on the premises will be considered abandoned and, in accordance with museum policy, discarded. Alternatively, we welcome the opportunity to consider your artifact for the museum by way of our official procedure. If you are interested in donating or selling an artifact to the museum, please review our DONATE page with details on contributing historical computers.
+Q Do you provide data retrieval services? Can you use your vintage machines to read my disk/tape/drive/etc.?
A At this time, we DO NOT provide any data retrieval services. While this is something that we hope to do in the future, we do not currently have the resources or workflow in place to do this sort of work for the public safely and effectively.
+Q Do you allow pets in the museum?
A Pets are not allowed anywhere within the our facility. However, service animals are permitted and should be checked in at the front desk upon entry.
+Q Can I apply my LCM+L admission ticket(s) to the cost of a membership?
A Yes! If you purchase your tickets and then decide to purchase a membership on that day, you may bring your receipt from to the front desk and they will deduct your admission from the cost of your membership. This is only valid on the original day of purchase.
+Q Do you offer discounted membership?
A Yes. Our discounted memberships are our Teacher Membership and our Access For All Membership. Teacher Memberships include all the benefits of a Family Membership. Access For All Memberships act like an unlimited Family Membership. For more information about how to qualify for these memberships, visit our MEMBERSHIP page.
+Q Is there a membership available for daycares, schools, etc?
A No. We offer discounts for school groups and fieldtrips. Click here for information about group visits. Click here for information about fieldtrips. For further questions contact fieldtrips@livingcomputers.org.
+Q Can I upgrade my membership to a higher level during my membership year?
A Yes, Individual memberships can be upgraded to a Family Membership or Teacher Membership.
+Q When does my membership expire?
A Your membership expires one year from the date you purchase it. For example, if you bought your membership on 25 March 2017 it would expire 25 March 2018.
+Q Can I renew before my current membership has expired?
A Absolutely! If you renew your membership before it expires, we will extend the membership for one year from the original date of purchase. For example if your bought you membership 25 March 2017 and decided to renew it 16 February 2018, then your membership would not expire until 25 March 2019.
+Q How can I change my address, email, or other contact information?
A You can update any of the contact information for your membership by emailing us at Members@livingcomputers.org.
+Q Can a name on my membership be changed?
A A name on a membership can be changed once a year, or with approval from LCM+L staff at the discretion of the Sr. Operations Manager.
+Q Can I give a gift membership?
A Yes! Visit our membership page to make your purchase. 
+Q Who can go on my Membership?
A For Family and Teacher Memberships, you can add up to two additional adults (for a total of up to three adults) and 4 household children (17 & under). For each additional member there will be a $15 charge.
+Q Can I add more people to my membership later?
A Yes. You can add people to your membership up to twice during your membership period, once at the time of purchase, and one other time if you choose.
+Q If I want to add additional children or adults to my family membership later, is the cost prorated for the time left on my membership?
A No. Because the cost is based on unlimited admission for the duration of the membership, there is no way to prorate this charge.
+Q How many membership cards do I get?
A Each membership comes with one membership card.
+Q How can I get a replacement membership card?
A We will replace a lost or stolen membership card once per membership term at no cost. Please contact Members@livingcomputers.org for information on how to proceed.
+Q Will lost/stolen guest passes be replaced?
A Yes, a lost or stolen guest pass maybe be replaced with approval from LCM+L staff at the discretion of the Sr. Operations Manager.
+Q If I forget to bring my membership card, can I still visit the Museum for free?
A Yes, however we will ask you to verify some of your account information.
+Q When will I receive my membership card?
A If you purchase your membership at the museum, you can take your membership card with you at the end of your visit. If you purchase your membership online, you will pick up your membership card on your first visit to the museum or have it mailed to you (depending on your selection at checkout).
+Q How do guest passes work?
A Guest passes provide each member a chance to bring friends or family to the museum on an annual basis.
+Q What if I forget to bring my guest passes to the museum?
A Guest passes are not tracked digitally and must be presented at the time of redemption. Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis with approval from LCM+L staff at the discretion of the Sr. Operations Manager.
+Q How long are guest passes valid for?
A Guest passes are valid for one year from the date of purchase/the duration of your membership. This date will be printed on your guest passes.
+Q Can I visit before I pick up my membership card?
A Yes, however we will ask you to verify some of your account information.
+Q Can someone else use my membership without being named on the membership?
A No. Memberships are non-transferrable. Only you or those named on your membership may use your membership to gain access to the museum. Guests not named on your membership may use one of the guest passes included with your membership package.
+Q When can I start set up?
A Contact us for event operations questions!
+Q What activities are available for my event?
A One of the reasons we are successful as an event venue is that our entire museum is full of activities! Our artifacts and exhibits remain open and accessible for event guests, so come in and geek out!
+Q Do you have nonprofit rates?
A We do! Once we have received your event proposal and record of your nonprofit status the event coordinator can work with you for nonprofit event rates.
+Q Can I bring my own alcohol?
A Yes, as long as a WA State Banquet permit is provided to the venue for posting and approved by the LCM+L event coordinator.
+Q Can I buy out the museum during open hours for a private event?
A Contact us for event operations questions! We love to create fantastic experinces for your next event.
+Q Can I drop off my donation directly at the museum?
A Due to constraints of space and labor, unsolicited donations are no longer accepted under any circumstances.  Any item left on the premises will be considered abandoned and, in accordance with museum policy, discarded.  We welcome the opportunity to consider your artifact for the museum by way of our application form.
+Q What items are you interested in acquiring?
  • IBM 709
  • IBM 360 (All Models)
  • IBM 370 (All Models)
  • IBM 7094
  • DEC PDP-10 (KA)
  • DEC PDP-1
  • Apollo Guidance Computer (complete)
  • Burroughs B5500
  • ARDS terminal
  • BBN Honeywell based IMP
  • Tape Racks
  • Datapoint 2200
  • MACHACK IV (Software)
  • TECH and TECH2 (Software)
  • BASIC Plus 2 (BP2, B+2) (Software)
  • TI (Texas Instruments) 960A Minicomputer
  • Apple Lisa 1
  • Wang Computers 
  • BBC micro
  • FM Towns
  • X68000
+Q What items will you no longer accept?
  • Any items that are in hazardous or extremely poor condition (moldy, rusty, etc.)
  • Laptops
  • GPS Systems
  • Modems
  • Phones
  • Printers
In addition, any of the following items:
Amstrad 64K colour personal computer
Amiga 500 | 1000 |
Apollo Domain series 3000 workstation
Apple I | II | II plus | IIc | IIe | IIGS | III | Apple Lisa | iMac | Macintosh 512K | Classic | LC II | Plus | SE | SE/30 |
Power Macintosh (any model) | Newton eMate 300 | PowerBook G3 (any model)
Aquarius personal computer
AT&T 3B2 | 300 | 400 | UNIX PC 7300
Atari 400 | 800 | 800XL | 2600
Avid / HP model XW8000 microcomputer
Bendix G-15D computer
Commodore 64 | 128 | plus/4 | PET | VIC-20 | 1541 disk drive
Compaq portables | microcomputers (any models)
Datapoint 1800 | 3600 | 8200
Dauphin DTR-1 pen tablet
DEC 3000 workstation | Rainbow | Digital computer lab | Digital Multia Alpha generation | Classic-11 | PDP 8 / 11 / 12
VAXstation 3100 | 4000
Dell Optiplex
Exidy Sorcerer
Heathkit H-89
Hewlett-Packard 85 | 3000 | Jornada | any calculators
5150 | 5160 | 5170
Displaywriter system 6580
PC XT | PCjr | PC | PS/2 | PS/2 PC 2
RISC system/6000 250
Intel Intellec MDS 800 | MCS-85 SDK
IMSAI I-8080 microcomputer
Lighthouse Technologies Windows 2000 server
MODCOMP II minicomputer
Microsoft Surface 1.0
Mindset computers
MITS Altair 8800 microcomputer
NorthStar Horizon microcomputer
NeXT | NeXTstation Color
Osborne all models
Perkin-Elmer Interdata 7/32 minicomputer
Processor Technology SOL-20 microcomputer
Radio Shack /Tandy TRS-80, all models
Royal Precision LGP-21 computer
Silicon Graphics O2
Sun Microsystems SPARCstation 1 | 5
Telcon Zorba microcomputer
Texas Instruments 99/4 | 99/4A | T1000 | any calculators
Timex Sinclair 1000
U.S. Robotics Palm Pilot
Video Technology Computers Laser 128 personal computer
Xerox 1108 Dandelion workstation
Zenith Data Systems laptops
+Q How do I determine the monitary value of my artifact?
A The Museum is forbidden by federal law from providing any information on the value of your artifact. The best way to determine value is to contact an appraiser. We recommend the American Society of Appraisers or the Certified Appraisers Guild. For more informal research we recommend eBay.
+Q Will you display my item inside the museum or on the exhibit floor?
A Living Computers: Museum + Labs will not be able to immediately display your item and can make no guarantee that it will ever be displayed. Once an item is received it is cataloged and prioritized for restoration.
+Q What if you don't accept my donation?
A If a donation does not fit into our scope, we will have to decline but we encourage you to consider donating elsewhere.
+Q What kind of organization is Living Computers: Museum + Labs?
A Living Computers: Museum + Labs is a 501(c)(3) private operating foundation. It houses and exhibits artifacts from Paul G. Allen’s private collection as well as items donated to and owned by the museum.
+Q Can my donation be a tax deduction?
A A Deed of Gift transfers ownership of your donation to the Museum and will serve as your tax receipt.