Tech Store

Think makerspace meets bookstore, add in a museum gift shop, and you’ve got the Living Computers Tech Store. From maker tools and kit-builds to books and souvenirs, our store is the best place to find geeky gifts and mementos from your trip to the museum.

And don’t forget, museum members receive a 10% discount.
T-shirts, hats, scarves—oh my! Featuring Minecraft designs, exclusive LCM+L styles, and more.
From fiction to non-fiction, we’ve got books galore. Including sections for children, history, culture, biographies, etc.
Accessories & Flair
3D-printed jewelry, silks scarves, pins, patches, plushies, mugs, hand-woven tech baskets, and everything else you need to let your geek flag fly.
Kits & Hardware
With items from SparkFun, Adafruit, Arduino, Microbit, Raspberry Pi, and more—we’ve got everything you need to start your next project.
Robots & Gadgets
From Ozobot robots and Marvel-themed skins to multi-use lights and handy devices—we’ve got tons of fun tech.
Tech Supplies & Tools
Every maker knows that supplies are essential. Grab your cables, switches, sensors, camera modules, cases, and everything in between.
What better than a mouse pad to remember your visit to the computer museum? Find keychains, notebooks, magnets, pencils, bags, posters and more to remember your visit.

Available in our Tech Store

What happens when Ada’s family gets stranded next to a museum filled with mysterious technology? Join Ada as she goes on an adventure with playful robots, wise old computers, and makes a new best friend who teaches her how to program in computer language. But they better watch out, the museum’s grumpy robotic vacuum cleaner wants to put a stop to their fun!

Written by Matisse Fletcher. Illustrated by Elizabeth Dion.