Celebrate 45 years of Microsoft with Living Computers!

45 years ago a company was formed that changed the world forever. In 1975, childhood friends Paul Allen and Bill Gates formed Microsoft.

Microsoft has provided a lasting impact in many areas over the last 45 years, not only in the software field but a plethora of others including hardware, productivity, gaming and more.

To mark this latest anniversary, Living Computers: Museum + Labs honored Microsoft with a fully immersive online experience, starting with the official anniversary date on April 4, 2020.

We have blogs, videos, live demonstrations, renowned speakers, all focused on the topic of Microsoft and the profound mark the Redmond-based company has left on society. Follow along below and experience what has made Microsoft so special, 45 years on.

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Live Updates


Virtual Meet-up with LCM+L engineers on the BitZone BBS: Head over to our remote systems dashboard and log on with other Microsoft enthusiasts as we explore the various systems and process you can connect to, all with live support and conversation with LCM+L’s team of experienced engineers. Login as a guest or a create an account and type "C" to chat!

Facebook Live: DEC PDP-11/70 "Miss Piggy" Demonstration: Join Senior Restoration Manager Stephen Jones as he walks through a live demonstration on how to connect to “Miss Piggy” our DEC PDP-11/70. He’ll discuss the basics, outline some commands to use and play a bit of the classic game “Adventure” with real-time move guidance from you, our audience!

Twitter Chat with Xbox co-creator Ed Fries: It’s not just LCM+L employees who are participating in the celebration weekend. We’ll have Ed Fries, one of the main Microsoft employees responsible for launching the original Xbox joining us for a live Twitter Q&A session. We’ll discuss his time at Microsoft, the impact the company has had and more. Follow along and participate with the #MSFT45 hashtag!

Special Happy Anniversary Microsoft Message: The LCM+L staff has an understandably strong connection with Microsoft and because of this we wanted to share a message from the entire team detailing our thanks to the company.

Facebook Live: MS Paint DemonstrationOne of Microsoft's most beloved developments was Paint. We still use it, share our creations, love it to pieces…and we want you to, as well! Join Museum Guide Heath Reinhard as he shares some of our top tips in this interactive demo of the fabled software.

Twitter Chat with LCM+L Engineers on MS BASIC: It was what broke Microsoft into the industry and caused Bill Gates and Paul Allen to pick up and move to Albuquerque to found the company in 1975. Our engineers are experts on BASIC and will be on hand to answer your questions about it and how the early years of the company helped shape where it is today.

Facebook Live: LCM+L Education Resources: Brand new to the LCM+L online experience is a wealth of online resources for educators, students and computer enthusiasts alike. Our education team will walk through the new offerings and discuss them through a Microsoft lens, given the profound impact the company has had on what we now have available to the public.


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